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Spreading Smiles in Panama

Dr. Alla Fishman & our hygienist Christine Dursunian went on a 2 week mission with the US Navy in Panama to provide Dental care to those in need.

“In May of 2015, Christine & I had the honor of providing dental care in Panama alongside with US navy. It was an incredible experience. We lived on a military ship & worked in harsh tropical conditions, but I've never felt more invigorated. Being able to help people that otherwise would not get any dental care was incredible.”

– Dr. Alla Fishman

“Traveling to Colon, Panama was such an amazing, humbling experience. Overall, it has been one of the most memorable dental outreaches I have been a part of thus far. From May 29th to June 8th, Dr. Fishman & I volunteered in a humanitarian mission, working alongside the Navy, the Continuing Promise ship. I was so honored as a civilian volunteering & helping changing lives one smile at a time for those less fortunate.“

–Christine Dursunian (Hygienist)





Spreading Smiles in Local Schools

Every February, Christine & our Smile Team travel to all the elementary schools & visit classes around North Babylon & surrounding areas, teaching the children about how important it is to have healthy smiles. Our team always looks forward to seeing the children, & how excited they get over the presentation that has been prepared for them.